Block 030

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Block 030

BLOCK030 Utrecht is a new residential building in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn, in the immediate vicinity of the Utrecht Terwijde station and the Terwijde shopping center.

here will be a total of 35 mid-segment three-room rental apartments with surfaces of approximately 70 m2. The rental prices are approximately € 900, - per month excluding parking and service costs.

All houses have a private storage room in the building so you can place your bikes there. For your car you will get the disposal of a private rental parking space. The beautiful homes have a very generous outdoor space of no less than 15 m2 to even 30 m2. The interior is also beautifully with a decent bathroom and fully equipped modern kitchen. You live in the continuation of the city of Utrecht by train and bus literally on your doorstep. With the train you can travel in 6 minutes from Utrecht to Central Station Utrecht. And with good weather you can cycle to the center of Utrecht in about 15 minutes!

'Leidsche Rijn center' (less than 5 minutes by bike) forms the link with the city center and will soon be fully completed. Many extra facilities will come here including large fashion chains, nice shops, a trendy Food Market, pick-up points and cozy squares. With terraces, coffee shops and restaurants a must to settle down after a busy day! The large cinema CineMec, a library and other cultural facilities are also around the corner. And in the Terwijde shopping center, directly on the other side of the track, you will find a warm bakery, butcher, florist, a number of large supermarkets, specialty stores and a large bike shop.

BLOCK030 in Utrecht is located just a few miles near the Haarrijnse Plas and the large Maxima Park. Both by train and by car Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht city are easily accessible.

Registration for BLOCK030 Utrecht has not yet been opened. It is expected that you can sign up for this project around June 2018.

Do you want to rent in BLOCK030 Utrecht? Then sign up by clicking on the "interest" button. We will keep you informed by email about the start date of the registration and the overall rental procedure!

Start construction April 2018

Start rental in June/July 2018
Estimated delivery November / December 2018



Utrecht was one of the first cities in the present Netherlands with city rights and has a long history and an important historical center. Characteristic of the city include the wharves and the Dom of Utrecht (with the 112 meter high Dom Tower) from which the city derives the nickname Domstad.
Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands with more than 335,000 inhabitants. In the Atlas for municipalities, Utrecht occupies second place as the is about popular cities! The city is located in the Randstad and is centrally located on a junction of roads, railways and waterways. As a result, Utrecht has a flourishing economy and a number of large companies have established their headquarters here.

Utrecht is home to three universities, the largest of which is the University of Utrecht. This university is the second largest university in the Netherlands. There are also three major colleges and several
ROCs. So it is a real student city.

In the cozy center of Utrecht, with canals and historic buildings you can shop or go out. You can recreate well around the city. For example, you have National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug, but the municipality of Utrecht also owns 8 forts of the New Holland Waterline. The well-known pools around Utrecht are also fantastic for recreation.

You can indulge yourself in Utrecht for art and culture. Utrecht has a large number of interesting museums and galleries, such as the Centraal Museum and the Nijntje Museum, but also a large number of cultural ones institutions such as the well-known pop temple Tivoli Vredenburg, the Stadsschouwburg and the Beatrix Theater.

Frequently asked Questions FAQ

This questionnaire has been compiled with the greatest possible care, but changes are reserved. No rights can be derived from the contents thereof.


01. I want to rent an apartment, what do I have to do?
Create your own account on this website. In your own account on the website you can officially register for one or more apartments under the heading "digital registration". You can also specify your preferences for the apartments and upload the documents that we need to test your data against the rental conditions. Digital registration is possible at the moment the rental is started (expected June/July 2018)

02. Do I have to pay registration or mediation costs?
You do not have to pay registration or mediation costs. There is also no brokerage fee for the tenant.

03. Can I receive housing allowance?
All apartments are rented in the free sector. It is not possible to apply for rent allowance. Only for (social) rental properties with a maximum rental price of € 710.68 (price level 2016) can you apply for rent allowance.

04. What is the minimum rental period?
You will need to rent for at least one year. After that, the rental agreement can be terminated as of the first of the following month. An example: you indicate on November 10 that you want to cancel the rent, then the lease ends on 31 December.

05. Can I view the apartments?
Due to safety regulations on the construction site it is unfortunately not possible to view the apartments. It is possible that a viewing day will be organized for all tenants shortly before delivery. If you have already signed the rental agreement prior to the viewing day, you will be automatically informed about this.

06. When does the rental start?
The rental is expected to start in June / July 2018. From then on it is also possible to submit or complete a fully digital registration.


07. When does the registration close and what is the procedure afterwards?
The registration closes on a date to be determined. Then the apartments will be assigned. After the assignment we will send you an e-mail message if you have been allocated an apartment. Do you have an apartment? Then you will have a few days to accept our offer. If you accept our offer, you will be invited shortly thereafter to sign the rental agreement. You will be placed on the reserve list if you have not been allocated an apartment, but your file has been approved.

08. Where can I find the registration form? And upload documents?
The registration form is available online in your own account. You must first create an account on this site. With this account you can fill in the digital registration form. Pay attention! In addition to your online registration, documents are needed to assess your registration. You can upload these documents in the registration form. You will not be able to complete the registration without these documents.

09. How are the apartments allocated?
If there are several approved registrations for the same apartment during the first allocation round, then it will be assigned randomly. If apartments remain available after the first assignment, then they will be assigned in order of arrival of a completed registration via this website.

10. Which documents do I have to submit to qualify for an apartment?

  • Copy valid identification from the applicant and any other applicant;
  • Declaration landlord / manager / owner / mortgage holder of current home with confirmation of  good payment behavior.
  • Excerpt from the population register
  • Employer's statement (s); (not older than 3 months)
  • Copy three recent successive salary slips from the applicant (and partner);
  • In case of a benefit: proof of granting benefit;
  • In case of divorce: divorce agreement;
  • Copy of bank statement with deposit 

For self-employed, independent entrepreneurs, director / shareholders in addition to the first three documents above:

  • Balance sheet and profit and loss account for the past two years with an estimate of the expected result for the coming financial year; 
  • Income statement tax authorities (formerly IB60 form);
  • Recent extract Chamber of Commerce;
  • Bank guarantee / deposit of at least three months.

For pensioners:

Instead of an employer's statement and salary slip, the annual statements (of pension (s) and AOW) of the past year will suffice.

Please note that you have uploaded all the documents before the closing date and have completed your registration in order to be eligible for the allocation.


11. What are the conditions for eligibility for an apartment?
To rent an apartment the following guidelines apply to the income:

    Payroll: minimum gross annual income (including holiday allowance and fixed 13th month) of 42x the basic monthly rent.
    Self-employed entrepreneur, self-employed entrepreneur or DGA: minimum gross annual income of 42x the bare monthly rent.
    Pensioners: minimum gross annual income of 36x the basic monthly rent.

n the case of two incomes, the second income may be included for 50%.

Suppose you have a gross monthly income of € 30.000,- and your partner € 21.000,-. In that case, the combined gross annual income for the income testing is € 40.500,-
(€ 30.000.- + 50% of € 21,000). The maximum rent will then be € 964, - (40.500 / 42). This is the maximum amount you can rent out. This concerns the basic rent (excluding service costs).
Holiday pay, fixed bonus and a fixed 13th month as stated on the employer's statement may be taken into account when determining the gross annual income. Flexible bonuses, profit distribution and compensation for a lease car can not be included in the income calculation.

This income standard also applies to self-employed people. For self-employed people, the netto operating result is assumed before income tax is levied on this. Additional conditions apply to self-employed people. If you are an independent entrepreneur, a deposit of at least three months must be provided before delivery of the apartment. Independent entrepreneurs must submit a recent extract from the trade register at the Chamber of Commerce and a report of the past two financial years that has been filed by a recognized auditor. In addition, an independent entrepreneur must also provide an income statement.
Suppose you have an average netto operating result over the last two years of € 38.000,-. This amount divided by 42 = € 904.76. This is the maximum amount you can rent out. This concerns the basic rent (excluding service costs).

Equity (savings):
If the income requirement is not met immediately, up to 20% of the equity capital (demonstrably on a Dutch bank account) may be included in the calculation for the maximum rent. Share the total capital by 5. The amount that comes out here can be added to your gross annual income.

12. By how many people can the apartment be occupied?
The occupant (s) must belong to one household. In addition, there must be a lasting relationship, which means that, as mentioned above, it must concern a family situation or two partners. The main income is taken into account in the assessment and in the case of a partner the second income is taken into account for 50%. After the move, the resident (s) must register with the Population Basic Administration.

13. Can parents / third parties guarantee that the income directives can be complied with?
The tenant must be able to meet the income requirement independently. Unfortunately, guarantees by third parties are not possible.

14. Can I rent an apartment as a student?
It is only possible to rent with sufficient income according to the income test, whereby a maximum of two incomes (from a long-term relationship) can be seen as a common income. Also, no more than two tenants may be registered at an address. Unless these requirements are met, it is not possible for students to rent an apartment.

15. Can I rent an apartment as a temporary employee?
Unfortunately, it is only possible to rent with income from a permanent contract (employment contract for a definite or indefinite period). It is not possible to rent an apartment with a flexible employment contract, unless it is a Phase B or C contract. With a Phase A contract it is therefore not possible to rent an apartment in Block030.

16. Can I rent an apartment if I have an employment contract for a definite period of time?
Yes, but only  when the "yes" option has been selected on the employer's declaration with "continuation of employment statement". This is also called a letter of intent. The employer must place an additional signature and / or company stamp for this part. If no letter of intent is issued, the employment may not terminate earlier than 12 months after the start of the lease.

17. Can I share an apartment with a friend / colleague?
Unfortunately, it is not allowed for friends (who do not have a long term-relationship with each other) to rent an apartment. It is only rented to singles, couples and families.

18. Does a benefit count as income and is this included in the calculation?
The income from the following benefits is valid in the income calculation: WIA, WAO and ZW.

19. Do I have to take a deposit into account?
For all tenants, a deposit is set by default for one month of basic rent plus service costs. For entrepreneurs, a deposit of three months rent plus service costs applies.

20. Are there service costs besides the rental price?
Yes, there are service costs. These amounts must still be determined, but that is expected to be between € 30 and € 50 per month.

21. Can I rent an apartment if I still have to start with a new employer?
Yes you can, but only when the starting date of the employment relationship is before the date the rental apartment is finished (and thus the start of the lease). In that case, you must upload an employer's statement (depending on the duration of the agreement with or without a declaration of intent) and the employment contract signed by both parties in your account.


 22. When are the apartments ready and could I move?
According to current planning, the apartments will be completed in the last quarter of 2018. Pay attention! This is a prognosis, no rights can be derived from this.

23. Can I choose a kitchen and / or a bathroom myself?
No, the apartments are equipped with a luxury kitchen and modern bathroom where it is not possible for tenants to make changes.

24. What kind of kitchen is there in the apartment?
In each apartment there is a luxurious white kitchen with a black composite extra deep (700 mm) worktop and Pelgrim built-in appliances (ceramic hob, stainless steel hood and rear wall, integrated dishwasher, fridge with freezer compartment and combi microwave.) The kitchens in the corner houses have a corner layout. These kitchens have a fridge freezer of 178 cm. The kitchens in the terraced houses have a straight set-up with a refrigerator with a freezer compartment of 102 cm. All kitchens have 2 upper cabinets.

25. How is the bathroom decorated and finished?
Each apartment has a comfortable bathroom with underfloor heating, with a walk-in shower and wide sink with two taps and a mirror above it. The design of the bathroom is shown in the floor plans on this website. The walls in the bathroom are fully tiled. These tiles are white 400 x 200 mm. The tiles on the floor are in the color anthracite 200 x 200 mm. The ceiling is finished with a white melaminated MDF plate.

26. How are the walls and ceilings finished?
With the exception of the meter cupboard and the technical room, all walls in the apartment are delivered ready for wallpaper. The ceiling of the bathroom and the toilet are finished with a white melaminated MDF plate. The other ceilings in the apartment, except for the ceilings of the meter cupboard and technical room, have white paintwork.

27. Are there conditions regarding hard floor coverings?

The floor of the apartment is equipped with a 70 mm cement screed with 20 mm insulation (floating screed). If you want to apply a hard floor covering, then you have to think about the following:

· When selecting hard floor coverings, consider the right choice in relation to optimum use of the floor heating, but also in relation to limiting contact noise as much as possible.
· The floor covering must not be glued / nailed to the floating screed. If you do this, this could cause damage to below pipes (such as underfloor heating).
· To minimize contact noise, the hard floor covering must be separate from all walls. In addition, a sound-insulating underlay should preferably not be installed under the floor covering. If you do this, the floating screed and the insulating underlay can work against each other (mass spring system). If you have to level the floor, because the cement screed is not completely flat, this can be done with fibreboard or egaline.

28. Can a laminate floor be laid?
Laminate is permitted, provided that it is applied correctly and is applied with the correct underlay.

29. How is the heating regulated?
The heating takes place by means of underfloor heating. The heating takes place by means of underfloor heating (low temperature heating). The temperature can be controlled centrally via the thermostat in the living room.

30. How is the separate toilet finished?
There is a hanging wall closet with toilet seat and a fountain with tap. The floor tiles are designed in the color anthracite 200 x 200 mm, the wall tiles in white 400 x 200 mm. The walls in the toilet are tiled to the ceiling. The ceiling is finished with a white melaminated MDF plate.

31. Is there an extraction system in the apartment?
Each apartment is equipped with a mechanical ventilation system. The supply of fresh air takes place via self-regulating ventilation grilles in the windows, with a capacity according to calculations based on the applicable standards in the Buildings Decree. The mechanical ventilation is operated by means of a CO2 meter installed in the living room. 

The following spaces are connected to the mechanical ventilation system:
• Kitchen
• Bathroom
• Toilet
• Setup space washing machine

32. Is painting the window frames and walls allowed?
All walls are finished ready for painting and can be painted or wallpapered according to your own taste. Frames must remain in their original state and may not be painted or processed in any other way. Please note that if you make any changes in consultation with the landlord, you have to return it to the original state when you leave the apartment. It is not allowed to drill in tile work, floors and shafts.

33. Is there a parking space / storage room near the apartments?
All apartments are rented including a parking space and storage on the ground floor.

34. Is there an intercom system?
The central entrance is equipped with a speaking / listening panel with doorbells for access to the entrance door. In each apartment an intercom system is installed in the corridor, where access to the building can be released

35. Renting is smart and luxurious! Why?
You know as a tenant where you stand. No unexpected costs, no financial risks, no depreciation. And the major maintenance? You do not have to worry about that. Repairs are also arranged for you.